Which Is Better Elliptical Machines Or Exercise Bike

Elliptical Machine Healthy Workout

While nearly everyone that exercises at home or in the gym will have slightly different goals, they all want to get in better shape in the least amount of time and expense. If you are working out at home, you’ll most likely have a limited amount of space and a much smaller budget than the local gym will. But, when you go to the gym you always want to do the most productive exercises that you can because you have things to do and there are other people waiting in line behind you. That’s why a lot of individuals these days are choosing elliptical machines instead of the standard exercise bike.

The Old Standby

Nearly all gyms these days will have a variety of cardio workout machines to keep their customers happy. The treadmill is always quite popular and so is the regular exercise bike as well. Many ex-athletes will be forced to work on the bikes because they have nagging knee injuries that won’t take a lot of pounding. The circular motion of the bike will work the legs and core out nicely without hammering the knees, hips, or ankles.

The treadmill is one of the most purchased machines for both the home and gym. Even if you can’t run, you can almost always walk, and it’s good for you. Of course, for many people the pounding just isn’t good for them and so they must pass on the treadmill.


The second highest sold machine these days is now the Elliptical machine for various reasons. It still gives the user an injury-free experience, but it also cross-trains the body with more upper body movements and more strenuous leg workouts. The stand-up position that the Elliptical uses increases the resistance on the legs which will have the effect of making the body increase the bone density there. This is a long-term advantage as people age and their bones lose calcium, the higher the density, the longer it takes for them to become weakened by age.

For those in rehab after strokes and other neurological incidences, there is also an advantage of being able to pedal in reverse. Research has shown that pedaling backward increases the relearning speed of lost motor skills. This will shorten the time of rehabilitation for many people.

When It Comes to Cardio Fitness the Bike and Elliptical Are Both Self-Regulated

By self-regulated the user has most of the control over the speed because they can simply increase the speed on either machine to raise the fitness level. Also, both machines have variable resistance levels that the user can also adjust for a more intense workout.

However, since the Elliptical incorporates more different muscles, especially the arms, shoulders, chest and abdominals, then it’s getting cardio to more of the body. Plus, the legs always get a more intense workout because of the standup position. This all serves to give the enthusiast a better cardio and muscle workout in a shorter period of time. If you only have room for one machine in your home, the Elliptical machine will always be the better choice.

Many Football and Basketball Athletes Train on The Elliptical

Lots of professional athletes spend long hours in the gym to maintain their fitness levels and increase athleticism. An old standby exercise that many of them used to do was run the stairs in the stadiums where they play. This was great for their lower leg strength, making them incredibly powerful on the field or court. However, its enormous drawback was the horrible toll that it took on their knees and hips

There have been speculations that some of the biggest names in the sports world would have lasted many years longer at the game they love by using an Elliptical machine instead of doing the stairs. Also by including the utilization of the arms in the exercises it keeps the athlete from becoming overly muscle bound in the legs and out of proportion.

Although Costs Are Higher, The Stronger Workout Is Worth It

When it comes to comparing the costs of buying the machines the stationary bike is fairly inexpensive, and the Elliptical is costly. On the other hand, it gives such a better workout that it’s well worth the extra cost. With just the bike you may have to do planks, sit-ups and jumping jacks to equal the entire body workout of the other machine.

If getting a nicely rounded butt is of interest to you, you will also have to add squats and several other individual leg exercises to your routine to get to the same level of benefits of the machine as well. Which every method you choose for your cardio, working out at home is far less expensive than joining most gyms. You can easily save the money from a year at the fitness club and pay for your machine at home.

When you workout at home you can spend your time watching television or listening to music instead of looking at other people working out in the mirror. Plus, don’t forget the hassle of traffic, parking, gas and bad weather that can cost you time and money traveling to the gym.

An Important Note Is to Read Customer Reviews Online

As you search for the right machine to use in your pursuit of fitness, it’s always a good idea to read the online reviews first. There you’ll find that some buyers of these machines had problems using them in low-ceiling locations, less than 8 feet.

Most of the customers also recommended buying a machine that you could test out at the local sporting goods store before buying. This idea changed their minds on which machine to buy because of small differences that only made sense to them. Plus price didn’t always dictate the best machine to buy, some of the are way overpriced, and others are a better value.

In your pursuit of the best machine for your use, do your research online and read the reviews carefully. Then test the machines, either at the gym or local store before you order one for yourself.

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