Top Biking Gear of 2017 – World’s Best List

The biking community is ever evolving, bringing new concepts to cycling experience while honing the already existing ideas and gear. 2017 is bound to bring with it changes and new concepts in the biking experience. This will come in the form of biking gear. To give you the gist of what to expect, we have top 10 bike gear to expect in 2017.

Northwave Shoes

#1. Mountain Biking Specialized Shoes – 2017 will witness an uptake in the mountain bike shoes. A precursor for this is the release of Northwave Enduro Mid, developed to handles the rigors of mountain biking, whilst offering consistently high performance on the peddles. They are also designed to be walkable.

Ortlieb Bag

#2. Specialized Bikepacking Bags – Traditionally, bike packs have been a preserve of specialized companies such as the Ortlieb with its seat pack. However, this is bound to change as bike manufacturers are set to get in on the action by developing specialize bike packs for their bike models.

Tires for Bikes

#3. Plus-Size Tires – The trend to have fatter tires for mountain biking will persist in 2017. Tires larger that than 26×3 inches will be a standard offering for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Niterider Headlights

#4. Night Ride Illumination – One of the best gear in this category is the NiteRider Lumina LED Headlights and the Solas 30 Lumen Tail Light. As a safety feature, they indicate your presence during night rides to the traffic behind you.

Powertap trackers

#5. Data Acquisition Gear – More than tracking the number of calories burnt, a new breed of trackers are emerging. 2017 will witness trackers developed to help you use your bikes in the most efficient manner possible. For instance, trackers drew up to help you set up your suspension.

Phone Mount For Bike

#6. Bike Phone Mount – Vibrelli Universal Phone Mount for bikes is a good example of this category of gear. The product holds your phone in position thus allowing you to view it whilst still riding your bike.


#7. Elevated Chainstay – Closely related to the uptake of the fatter tires is the elevated chainstay. 2017 will feature many bikes with an elevated chainstay, which makes it easy for to use a variety of bigger tires.

Hammerhead Phone Navigator

#8. The Hammerhead Bike Navigation – The Hammerhead is a navigation solution that gives you direction is a simple yet easy to understand manner. The T-shaped device light up your direction while strapped on the handlebar.

Bike Mirror

#9. Blackburn Mountain Bike Mirrors – This mirror is a great accessory for mountain bike enthusiasts. It lets bike riders have a rear view while not losing sight of the road ahead.

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Why Bicycling Can Keep You Happy and Healthy

Bicycling with Family is Healthy

Most anyone who enjoys bicycling knows that it has many significant health benefits. It keeps you physically fit, and it gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air as well as plenty of scenery and different terrains. This alone might make the average bicyclist happy enough but there are even more reasons why the activity of biking can keep you as happy as it can keep you healthy. Here is a closer look at all of those grounds.

Staying Healthy with a Biking Regimen

Better sleep is one of the greatest health advantages of cycling. Sure, you will feel a bit tired out after a good ride, but this is short term. Once the evening rolls around you will find that you can sleep an hour for about 20 minutes five times a week.

You can skip the botox if you like because bicycling helps your skin stay young looking. This is a reason that many bicyclists did not know about but it is true. When you ride, you are boosting your circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

You are also getting more oxygen to all parts of the body including the skin. While this goes on, you are getting toxins flushed out of your body, too. Biking boosts collagen production is thereby giving you younger looking, glowing skin.

Besides keeping those calories burning, your biking exercise will also improve your immune cell activity. What this means is that you are less likely to succumb to colds and flu.

If you thought your biking helped to give you stamina, you are correct. But, it gives both men and women a lot more than stamina to work out. It also helps improve sex drive. Men will be able to have the vitality of a man up to five years younger, and women will be happy to delay menopause by about as many years, too.

Women who are pregnant can help their babies be healthier from the start as well. Another strong benefit is that pregnant women who bike will enjoy an easier labor with fewer complications. They may also recover faster and have a much better outlook on things all throughout their pregnancies. The baby will even get a huge shot at going through life without facing obesity.

Beat heart disease and cancer are two of the very most important health reasons for biking regularly. Just biking 20 miles a week can reduce your risk of heart disease to about half that of people who do not exercise at all. Also, the more you exercise, the more you boost cell performance. When cells can develop in a healthy manner, they can keep from becoming cancerous. Studies have proven that women who bike have about 30 percent fewer incidences of breast cancer than their counterparts.

How Bicycling Can Make You Happier

As if the above reasons alone wouldn’t make you happier there are specific reasons that make bicycling a genuinely happy activity. Of course, knowing that you’re doing something healthy for your body is going to put you in a positive frame of mind every time you go for a ride.

But you will also find that bicycling makes you happy if you use your bike to get to work every day. The reason for this is that you are going to spend less time commuting than you would in a car, and you are going to have less of an impact on the environment.  The reason for the quicker commute is that you – unlike car drivers on the road – do not have to sit in traffic for prolonged periods.

Bicycling helps cells in your brain regenerate, too. When this happens, you are getting much more oxygen and blood flow to the brain allowing you to feel happier and have a greater sense of well-being. Exercising, in general, helps endorphins kick in which also contribute to keeping depression and anxiety far from even the most average bicyclist.

Lots of sports are solo sports and biking can be an ideal solo sport allowing you to escape the stress of your day on an evening ride. However, some of the best times on a bike are when you are riding socially with other bicycle enthusiasts. This is sure to make you feel a lot happier because you are socializing while you are exercising.

When you choose an exceptionally beautiful path from which to enjoy your bicycle ride for the particular day you get a chance to savor your surroundings. When you breathe things in around you, and you notice the sky, the foliage, the birds and other pleasant surroundings you feel a lot happier.

Clearly, biking is one of the greatest ways to stay healthy and stay happy. Gear up, get on your bike and keep riding!


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Tips to Pack Efficiently for A Long Bicycling Trip

Relaxing after short healthy bike ride

Efficient packing is one of the most important aspects of a long and fruitful bicycle tour. Without efficient packing, you will be carrying a lot of unnecessary weight on your bike, and you may give up sooner than later. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of the things you need to take with you and things you can leave behind on long bicycling trips. In this article, you will discover various things that you should carry with you and how to pack them efficiently.

As far as efficient packing for a long bicycle trip is concerned, it depends on the place where you’re going as well as the road conditions in the area. Whether you are going to be traveling for several weeks or several months and the place where you will be sleeping at night and personal preferences among other things. In other words, things that you need to take with you will depend on the kind of tour you are planning. For instance, you may not need cooking gear if you are traveling across Europe, but it may be necessary when you are bicycling across Africa.

Choice of Gear

Adventure is on while biking

First and foremost, you will be better off being lightweight as compared to carrying as many things as you can. When you are on a long bicycling trip, it is important that you travel light as more weight on your bicycle will not only affect your efficiency but it may make your bicycling trip a chore instead of an enjoyable experience. For instance, do not make the mistake of carrying unnecessary electronics on a bicycling trip in case you are not going to need them.

If you’re going to work on the bicycling trip, you may pack a laptop, a bunch of cameras, a bunch of batteries and other such things to ensure that you will be able to work from anywhere in the world when you get access to the Internet. On the other hand, if you are not going to work when you are on the bicycling trip, it does not make sense to carry a laptop or other such electronics. Instead, you may pack only a camera and smartphone along with some other electronics.

Keep in mind that you only have a set amount of space on your bicycle to carry stuff, and if you take a particular thing, you may have to sacrifice other things. For instance, if you carry a lot of electronics, you may have to sacrifice your stove. However, it makes sense to leave your stove at home in case you are traveling across Europe as you will be able to find many restaurants at every bend in Europe.

On the other hand, a stove is necessary when you are traveling across Africa as you are unlikely to find good places to have a good hot meat. Therefore, the choice of gear will depend on the places where you are planning your trip.


Many people make the mistake of packing too many clothes even when they do not need even half of the clothes they have packed. Do not make this mistake and only carry necessary clothes that are flexible, lightweight and appropriate for the normal conditions. Try to pack clothing that may serve as on the road clothes as well as off the road clothes as it will allow you to save on space as well as weight.

While loose fitting, light, and long sleeve shirts are perfect for protecting your body from the sun’s rays, it is best to wear layered clothing during cold weather. Also, the waterproof clothes should be kept handy when the weather looks threatening to keep you dry.

Do not forget the helmet, tights, cycling gloves, cycling shoes as well as cycling shorts to make you more comfortable. Cycling gloves are necessary when you’re going on a long bicycling trip. There are some companies in the market that make high-quality clothing for bicycling enthusiasts. There are special cycling shoes with stiff soles as these help in increasing pedaling efficiency and also protect the feet from the sustained pressure of pedaling.

In case your feet swell a bit when you’re riding the bicycle, it is important to choose shoes that allow free movement of toes and the shoes should also accommodate extra sock layer. Carry a wool sweater or a fleece jacket to insulate your body during those chilly evenings in the mountains.


Organization is the key to success when it comes to long bicycling trips. Therefore, you need to learn to organize your stuff and pack it as efficiently as possible. You should begin by sorting things into various categories such as putting all the cooking gear and food in one particular bag.


Pack your clothes in one pile and spare parts and bike tools in another bag. This ensures that you will know where everything is instead of unpacking all the bags to find things you need. There are multicolored bags available in the market that can help you with the organization of stuff into various categories. You may also print labels and put them on the bags to remember exactly where you have packed your things.

Load Balancing

The bicycle should be well-balanced front to back as well as side to side for you to have an enjoyable bicycling experience. It is recommended to have 40% of the weight in front, but some people also prefer the reverse. If you are exceptionally tall, it makes sense to have 60% weight in the front as it lowers the risk of broken spokes and takes the pressure of the back wheel. You should try different combinations to figure out the right load balance for your needs.

Important Things on Top

All the things that you may need during the day should be readily available, and it is recommended to put these things in the handlebar bag. The handlebar bag should contain critical items such as your passport, wallet, camera, maps and various other valuable items. You should always carry this handlebar bag with you whenever you leave the bike. It is important to keep this stuff with you at all times to make sure that you have these important things with you even if your bike gets stolen.

You do not need to pack everything inside the bags. For instance, some of the bulky items can also be strapped on your bike instead of packing them inside your bags. Many people strap on their tents on the outside of their bags. Also, do not forget to leave extra space inside your bags for things that you’re going to pack en route. It may be extra food, a souvenir or some other thing. You won’t be able to pick up some extra stuff en route if your bags are already full at the beginning.

Experienced bicycle riders recommend taking a test run with a fully loaded bicycle before you leave even if this is your eighth long bicycle tour. Make sure that you will be able to carry the things you have packed on that long bicycling trip.

Overall, follow the tips mentioned above to pack efficiently for that long bicycling trip that you have been planning. There are many resources available online that can help you in picking up the right gear depending on the location where you’re planning to travel. It is important that you invest in high-quality bags and other things to have a stress free and enjoyable bicycling trip.


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A Look at the Top 15 Safest Cities to Bike

Road for Cycling

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to improve your fitness, make an environmental statement or simply enjoy a day outdoors, riding a bike is one of the best choices you can make. Of course, you would want to keep in mind the places that you ride, because they do vary from one location to another. The following 15 cities are the safest choices for biking.


  1. Chicago – With over 50 miles of bikeways planned in the metropolitan area, this is an excellent choice for cycling. Many of those paths are separated from motor vehicles, and they are slated to be complete within the next three years.


  1. San Francisco – Not only have there been miles of high-quality cycling options added in the past few years, but there are also plenty of bike racks installed throughout the city.


  1. Portland, Oregon – Between the years of 2013 and 2014, many more people started commuting to work. That raised the number to 7.2% of workers. The city is working on 20 bikeways as well, they should be completed in 2017.


  1. New York City – The city has a goal of no traffic deaths by 2024, and they have enacted many vision zero policies that are aimed at helping to make the city convenient and safe for bike riders.


  1. Seattle – The city of Seattle is looking to aggressively improve bicycle safety measures, including a new master plan that is aimed at increasing bicycle infrastructure and safety measures.


  1. Indianapolis – The city finished the cultural trail in 2013, a $63 million, 8-mile off-street path for pedestrians and bicyclists. Interestingly, this is also improved on the property values in the nearby area.


  1. Austin, Texas – The City of Austin continues to improve its bicycle path infrastructure, including a bike and pedestrian bridge at Barton Creek Greenbelt.


  1. Cambridge, Massachusetts – Due to aggressive air-quality policies, the city of Cambridge is already one of the safest for bicyclists. They are also currently developing a new master plan aimed at cyclists.


  1. Washington, DC – Even the nation’s capital has made the list, and they were one of the first at making protected bike lanes a part of permanent transportation. They also help future bike riders to be safe through education.


  1. Boulder, Colorado – Not only is this a beautiful place to bike, but it is also one of the safest. Almost 9% of the workforce commutes by bike, so it is a priority for the city.


  1. Denver – With an extensive protected bike lane network in the downtown area, Denver offers plenty of opportunities for commuters and those who just choose to bike in the city.


  1. Fort Collins, Colorado – The city is currently coming up with a plan to improve the network of bike paths and lanes in the city. With a goal of having a low-stress network in place, they are hoping to increase the number of bike commuters to 20% by 2020.


  1. Salt Lake City – One word can be used to describe this city as far as bicyclists are concerned; progressive. They have installed protected bike lanes through downtown and connected bike lanes and protected intersections.


  1. Philadelphia – Although Philadelphia may be at the bottom of this list, it still offers a lot for bike riders. They have bike networks throughout the city, including a 15-foot wide boardwalk that maneuvers over the water and bypasses a rail line.


Any of these 15 cities are worth a visit and they provide what bicyclists need to stay safe and confident when riding. Knowing the safest cities to ride your bicycle is important before you move or travel to these areas. There is still much work to be done in those areas, but the cities are taking a step in the right direction.

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