How does uber work

Uber is a web application created in the United States that allows you to associate a driver offering a ride to a specific place with people looking for transport. Users of the Uber app can choose who they want to go with. Being a driver as Uber is associated with a 20% commission that the company charges on every toll. The rest of the amount goes to the driver’s account. To establish cooperation with Uber, all you need is a driving license and a car. How does Uber work?

How to order Uber?

To order transport with Uber, simply download the dedicated mobile application that allows you to search for the nearest registered vehicle. The application can be downloaded in one of the online stores such as Google Play, AppStore or Windows Store. To be able to fully use the services offered by the application, you must create an account. Registration can be done in two ways.

driving uber

You can enter the personal details you need directly or link your Uber account to your social networking account faster. After successful registration, you can easily order transport to any place in our city. The application then searches for the closest drivers and allows us to choose one of them. After making the selection, the program automatically sends the driver notification of the order.

How does Uber work?

Ordering a taxi is done through a special smartphone application. The ride order goes to the nearest Uber driver. If he confirms the course, the client receives information about how long the driver needs to reach the destination. In addition, details about the car brand and registration number are also sent (it is necessary to find a car that is not marked like a taxi). When the driver arrives, the customer receives a signal that the car is waiting. After entering the car, the customer informs where he wants to go, and the route appears on his smartphone and the smartphone of the driver. After reaching the destination, the customer does not pay for the journey – his account in the application is charged (you cannot pay the driver money). Part of this remuneration will go to the driver’s account (after deducting a commission of 20-25 percent for Uber). Both driver and passenger have the opportunity to evaluate each other. Poor ratings for a passenger can warn drivers about a troublesome client and allow him to reject orders from him, while bad ratings from passengers mean that the driver may be forced to terminate cooperation with Uber or sent for special training.

Who can become a driver?

The driver himself (at least 21 years old) must register on the Uber platform before presenting the first course and present his driving license (valid for a minimum of one year), ID card, vehicle registration card (with a valid technical review), as well as valid civil liability insurance and certificates – about no criminal record and traffic offenses. Importantly – recently, every Uber driver must also be an entrepreneur and run a business or work for someone who runs it).



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