How to get over someone

One of the most terrifying thoughts is the fear of not being able to forget someone we love. Applies to people who part with their partner. These substances that depart from the toxic compound.

When you try to forget someone, share important emotions associated with good memories that suddenly re-create in your mind. Feelings that are mixed with nostalgia and anger at these short-lived flashes emitted by a constant source of suffering. Finally, we ask ourselves the key question: How to forget? How to get over someone?

Give yourself time

Yes, I know that immediately. But things that arouse great emotions in us, which can not be removed from our head anyway. Maybe just accepting that it is such a stage that he sits in your head will be helpful. Instead of fighting with it, think: “Ok, I understand that this is the stage that my head has to get over it, change it in its own way.” Allow her to do so, of course, within reason. Don’t pull your thoughts, don’t feed them with new images. They come, they hurt. Approx. In time, you’ll see that there will be fewer and fewer of them. Really.

getting over someone

Work through the pain

After reaching this point, it will be appropriate to allow yourself some time to mourn the losses, feel the emptiness that the ex has left in your life, and experience deep pain. Trying to do something to dispel negative thoughts at all costs, we would be left with a deep wound in our psyche, still open and bleeding.

We should have paid attention to pain and used it, listening to and healing it, using it to disinfect the wound so that it gradually begins to heal and does not leave negative traces in our mind and in our heart. This is the only way to completely break through the breakup of a relationship and forget about a loved one.

Techniques are used that contain ten processes, memories of psycho-emotional recovery and the ability to get the broken heart together.

Remember that the greater the suffering, the more important the lesson you can learn from it, and the greater the chance for future development.

Cry out!

Many women experience shame and some mental burn-out after a relationship breaks up. It is in general justification – getting through this phase helps to cleanse and regain lost balance. Although I have to be pretending that everything is fine, sooner or later there is a moment when you have to imagine – “I loved this situation and I miss it. If I don’t cry, I won’t be able to accept the breakup. ” Postponing the period of “mourning” does not help at all. If you don’t want to be able to move on.

Reject guilt

That it could be different, that if you did something different or played, it would all have been different. What happens is the result of a series of events, not one – you choose the wrong move or word. Look at the whole situation in general, do not focus on the details, and you will see that from time to time everything worked up to what happened. There is always two sides of wine, never one side. Remember it.



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